5 Steps to refinish your MDF furniture

 MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard and it is made by joining fine wood fibers together under high pressure and temperature. MDF is acclaimed for its density, versatility of use and easy to handle properties. A number of different types of furniture such as vanity tables, coffee tables, and chairs are made from this material. MDF wardrobe carcasses are especially noteworthy as well. The advantages and usefulness of MDF are obvious but its disadvantages can also be not denied. MDF is prone to moisture damages and disfigurement, which can completely destroy your furniture.

However, if you keep your MDF furniture maintained, these adverse effects can be avoided. Plus, there comes a time when your furniture starts to look shabby and old without any major damage, so here is a detailed guide on how to refinish your MDF furniture.

Step # 1: Clean the Furniture

The first step to renovating your MDF furniture is to clean it. Remove any loose dirt or debris that is present on the surface of the furniture. Make sure to clean the corners carefully because they are difficult to reach. After removing the dirt, it is time to get rid of the stains and grease that has accumulated over your furniture. You can use a degreasing cleaner to easily remove the grime but make sure that it is not water based or contains acidic chemicals, since they can damage the MDF surface.

Step # 2: Sand the Furniture

Sanding the furniture is an important step of renovation. Before starting, make sure to unhinge the doors and pull out the drawers if you are refinishing a wardrobe or a cabinet. Plus, be mindful of the damages. Use appropriate equipment for sanding which you can buy from any local store. Go over the whole furniture and create grooves by sanding. Roughing up the surface will create various texture that will add a new look to your furniture and also hold paint well. Remember to not sand too much, if you remove the first layer of MDF, it will start to crumble.

Step # 3: Apply Primer

For the first layer of the MDF furniture, priming is ideal. Apply primers to seal off the MDF furniture’s surface to keep it safe from moisture damages. Oil based paints and primers are the best for this job since MDF readily absorbs the spray paints. Use roller for the larger surfaces and small paint brushes for the hard to reach corners. Allow considerable time for the primer to dry.

Step # 4: Use Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are ideal for repainting MDF furniture. Use a roller to evenly apply the paint on the surface. Rollers apply a thin layer of paint, so it is necessary to repaint it at least three times for better results. You can use brushes for corners as well.

Step # 5: Apply Polyurethane Topcoat

When the acrylic paint has completely dried, apply a polyurethane topcoat to seal off the furniture and protect it from external environmental elements. Polyurethane topcoats may form air bubbles, it is important to remove them for a polished and shined look. Wait a little for air bubbles to disappear between apply topcoat layers.