Top Reasons Why People Send Luxury Flowers to Their Loved Ones

Few gifts are appreciated as much as a gorgeous bouquet of fresh-cut blooms, no matter what day and time of year. The reasons for sending the best Flower Delivery Upper East Side has available are nearly unlimited, but a few occasions top the list. Of course, the top one is love and romance with Valentine’s Day as the number-one occasion. For these moments, nothing says “I love you” better the red roses. Icons the world over, these blossoms have the potential to be relevant today when styled by the finest local florists like Gabriela

Wakeham Floral Design. Reimagining classic bouquets is what they do best, meaning what you can order and send same-day is elegant and unlike any other. Originality and creativity guide their work and when you click through their online flower shop you will find many more unconventionally beautiful creations than usual.

Next in line for top flower-sending occasions is birthday. This is where uniqueness and individuality tailored to each person’s favorites becomes even more important. If you’re thinking luxury and going over-the-top, keep peonies in mind when they are in season. Few blooms can match their oversized blossoms and densely intricate petal structure. Among the gliterati and cognoscenti, they are perennial favorites. In an elegantly simple high-end floral arrangement, they always are a look that is strong enough to stand on its own. We also love peonies because they have a unique ability to appear simultaneously modern and classic. Few other species can boast that ability. The color choices are as elegant as can be with white, pink, blush, hot pink and deep burgundy among the most popular hues. Vases are upscale but can be kept simple in clear glass to display stems as well as blooms.

Anniversaries round out the top-three flower occasions and they can be the most important of all. The most important person in your life clearly deserves the nicest gift, and here can be a moment to splurge and send something really special. Complete wow-factor means gifts as large as five- or six-dozen stems. When going this big it’s important to select a luxury florist who has the know-how to keep things tasteful and elegant while scaling thing up to jaw-dropping proportions. What is you loved one’s favorite color? Nearly any one is possible but some of the more sensational options include red, yellow, purple and pink. Also, even the most organized among us occasionally let things go until the last minute. If this happens to you, make sure to find a same-day flower shop making prompt deliveries to your destination.

One last thought is about how nice it is to send an upscale flower bouquet for no reason other than “Just Because.” This means a moment completely personal to you and your loved one, thereby making it all the more unique and special. This one also brings the biggest element of surprise, because on other more well-known occasions a gift might be anticipated. In this case, your roses, orchids, tulips, peonies or other seasonal favorite have the most impact upon arrival because they were not expected in any way.