4 Incredible Home Insulation Products To Keep You Comfortable

Have you been looking for a way to make your home more energy efficient and also more comfortable during hot summers and cold winters? We have the perfect solution for you. The answer is home insulation. Proper insulation of your home will ensure that your house is kept warm in winter and cool in summer without the use of expensive heaters and air conditioners.

Hidden from public view, insulation is vital for keeping electricity costs down and ensuring that your home temperature is maintained at a comfortable level. If you’ve been looking for an all-round solution to your heating and cooling requirement then look no further. Armacell approved suppliers of home insulation are ready to assist you today.

While there are many types of home insulation, today we’ll be focusing on the four main variants of this incredible comfort solution.


Fibreglass is the most used material for home insulation systems. The material is available in either as loose fill or in batts. When compared to other products on the market, Fibreglass is inexpensive. Adding to this it is also much easier to install. Most homeowners opt for fibreglass installations because it is non-flammable. It is also resistant to damage from moisture. The one thing that should be noted here is that fibreglass consists of fibres and these could act as an irritant for the lungs as well as skin. During the installation process, homeowners are advised to stay away from their home

As the material would be installed between joists and beams.


This form of home insulation is dense foam which is sprayed in place. For it to be the most effective the insulation is applied to existing enclosed walls as well as any cavities in the walls. For the best results, the foam would also be sprayed onto unfinished loft floors. The application of the material is done using canisters or in larger quantities using pressurised sprayers. As one of its biggest advantages, this foam can be sprayed into already finished areas and awkwardly shapes crevasses.


For those who are environmentally minded, this is the perfect solution. Cellulose home insulation is organic. The loose-fill material is actually made from paper which has been recycled. The material would usually be treated to prevent moisture damage. Treatment for the material also includes the removal of pests. It is important to note that any moisture to the cellulose will weigh the material down. When this happens it will become compact and affect its efficiency. The material can be applied through a blowing process or it can be poured into the desired area.

Mineral Wool

This insulation material can be very closely compared to fibreglass. It is also commonly known as rock wool. This insulation material is more expensive than fibreglass but also does not act as an irritant. The material is delivered in a loose fill form which can be poured into a location or blown into an area. This incredible insulation material will withstand higher temperatures than its rivals.