8 major components to lawn maintenance

A well-organized lawn is an amazing spot for rejuvenating, entertaining, and place for kids to play.  It enhances the outlook of your home and it can also keep the temperature low around your house. This article will give you an outright idea on how to promote the growth in the lawn and maintain it to the level of excellence.

The eight major components of lawn maintenance are watering, fertilizing, mowing, weed control, pest control, disease prevention, aerating and dethatching.


The simplest yet the most vital component of lawn maintenance is watering. The rule is to heavily water the lawn when it really needs it rather than watering it frequently in lighter proportion. It’s not a beneficial practice to water lightly because the water does not go down into the soil so it won’t do much good. Water should go at least 6 to 8 inches deep into the soil to encourage the growth of the roots deep in the ground.


Soil provides the required nutrients to the grass. But where do the nutrients come from? The answer to this simple question is fertilizing. Fertilizing provides nutrients to the soil and the soil then forwards them to the grass. The grass needs nutrients for its growth. The most effective way to fertilize is to spread Good quality granular fertilizer once or twice a year.  Granular fertilizers release nutrients gradually over months.


The mowing is the process of cutting the grass or plants that grow on the ground. The grass above the ground needs more nutrients from the underground. If the culm is small then it’s easier for the roots to provide nutrients to the grass. When the mower cut down the leaves, the plants grow new leaves to absorb the sunlight. Therefore, mowing helps in making the grass thick and heavy that is more resistant to diseases and weed.


Weeding is the process of removing unwanted plants from the ground that may be unpleasant to the eye.it is an ongoing process but once you have established a healthy lawn, weeding won’t require much time. Weed is the sign of weak grass. Weed grows when the soil is waterlogged or deficient or the grass is cut very short.


The process of aeration is carried out to provide air to the ground. Air circulation makes space for the oxygen in the ground and brings out old carbon dioxide from it. This process is done by inserting holes in the ground. Aeration helps to grow deep rooted and thicker grass. There are several types of aerators for different types of soil and size of lawns.

Pest control

Pest control is the method of controlling pests such as insects and mites.  It is quite similar to weeding. Bugs and insects make their home in your lawn, but they cannot damage the grass much if you have done pest control and you’ve got a healthy lawn.

Disease prevention

When fungi feed on the grass plants, they cause diseases. Healthy grass has a strength to stand against fungus. There are many anti fungi available in the market that you can buy to prevent your lawn from diseases.


Dethatching is the process of mechanical removal of dead tissue called turf grass from the grass of the lawn. This dead tissue is called thatch. Turf is removed because it keeps water and other nutrients from seeping into the grass.