How to Improve Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps

1 – Think kerb appeal

If your garage is looking tired and grubby on the outside, it’s likely to be similar inside! But a quick lick of paint on the external brickwork and removing the moss and other plants or weeds that have grown up around it can make a big difference.

If you have an older style garage door that’s seen better days, why not replace it altogether? There’s a huge selection of Garage Doors out there to choose from these days, and they’re not as pricey as you might think.

2 – Have a clear out

Garages tend to be dumping grounds for bikes, old toys and other assorted pieces of junk, so it’s worth spending time sorting through what you really want to keep and what can be thrown away. You’ll be amazed at how much has accumulated over the years – and what you end up finding!

3 – Add storage

Make the most of your wall space by attaching shelves so you can arrange the things you want to keep in a structured way so you can find them. Rails and hooks are also ideal for storing bigger gardening tools, like forks, shovels and rakes so that they’re safely out of the way but easy to grab when you need them. A quick money-saving tip is to cut any plastic piping you may have laying around into sections around 6 inches long (plumbing pipe is ideal) and make sure it’s cut an angle. Once screwed to the wall, these are ideal for holding things like brooms and spades too so that they’re tidy and secure.

If you have space, it’s worth adding some cupboards too so you can store things like paint and other liquids out of any direct sunlight and so they’re neat and tidy. There’s no need to splash out on the kind of shiny new cupboards you might have in your kitchen either; there are plenty of places online where you can buy second hand cupboards that are too good to throw away, but at a fraction of the price of new ones, and sometimes even for free.

4 – Get recycling

Collect up any clean, empty see-through plastic containers, glass jars and Tupperware boxes which are perfect for storing small items like screws, nails and fixings. Add a label on the front which clearly shows the contents of the container, so you can easily find the parts you’re looking for without having to constantly hunt around.

5 – Aim high

Look above your head up into the roof of your garage as this can be the ideal place for items which you very rarely use, for example Christmas decorations. If your garage has a pitched roof and support timbers, it may even be possible to lay some floor boards across so you can slide items up there out of the way. You could even consider hanging storage bins from the ceiling or adding extra shelving.

A tidy garage looks bigger, more appealing and is more practical than a messy one. So why not get out there and see how you can spruce up yours today.