Kids are adorable, but as soon as they start walking, your house automatically becomes a subject to their many adventures and parents who try to map out a specific area of their home as playtime for the kids often find out that it’s just not enough. Truth is as long as their play zone is within the comfort of your home; nothing stops them from transferring their adventures to the sitting room or even the stairs; which can be sometimes risky.

In 2017, Adam Boyd used his spare time to construct a magnificent playhouse for his two daughters leaving everyone in awe; now that’s a great dad! Here are some of the reasons why parents are transforming their backyard space into a playhouse for their kids.

ADDED FAMILY TIME– quality time spent with your kids in their playhouse is incomparable with the way you relate with them in the main house. After a work trip, you can order a box of pizza, sit outdoors with your beautiful family and watch your kids have the time of their lives in the playhouse.

ENCOURAGES POSITIVE PERSONALITY -In playhouses kids learn to be themselves, playing and expressing ideas without having to worry if mommy will yell over broken appliances or spilled water. They don’t have to sit on the couch all day playing video games and trying not to get in trouble; which usually happens whenever they decide to become adventurous in the house.

STRENGTHENS THE BOND YOU ALREADY HAVE – should you decide to construct a playhouse yourself; your kids can assist in picking up dirt or even carry lightweight chunks of wood. Sourcing for the right timber for this project is as simple as ordering a pizza online, so many companies sell timber for this purpose but Jamaica Cottage Shop offers free shipping across Canada and the United States. You don’t have to go all Adam Boyd to construct an amazing two-story playhouse for your kids to win Dad of the year; a little affordable playhouse that will fit perfectly into your backyard is already designed at Jamaica Cottage Shop for as low as $1,300 with a monthly payment of only $42.

ENCOURAGES CREATIVITY – think of a playhouse for your kids as a way of encouraging them to be more creative. Thanks to technology, Kids now spend more time on their IPad than they do with friends and that wasn’t the case for you as a child. In their playhouse, they can have tea parties, invite friends over and you’ll be amazed at the various creative scripts they’ll come with; one day your kids are pretending to be pirates searching for a lost treasure and on next day they are a superhero trying to save the world. Activities like this boost creativeness and no mobile app can give them that.